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Alicia Hollinger is a Los Angeles-based digital artist and writer. She has had a variety of careers, ranging from actress/model, film acquisitions/development/marketing/distribution executive, event host for the Learning Annex, Certified Hypnotherapist, as well as artist and writer. She is also known as a bit of a socialite, attending parties and events in L.A., as well as at Cannes, Sundance, various other film festivals, Comic-Con, conventions, FYC events and pretty much any alluring festivity with an open bar. 


Ever since she was a small child in her crib, Alicia has had "lucid dreams," which allowed her to be aware that she was dreaming while she was dreaming. It seemed her consciousness could travel to these alternate worlds at night while she was completely aware that her body was actually asleep in her bed, allowing her to easily move back and forth between these two "realities." This later sparked an interest in theoretical quantum physics and the true nature of "reality," and sci-fi that is, with further study, starting to become "sci-fact." Alicia's dreams have had a huge affect on the way she perceives the world. Her father would often admonish her for living in a "dreamworld." Luckily, living in a dreamworld is a good thing for art and writing, not so good if she had decided to become an accountant or a lawyer.


Alicia has written several screenplays that got to a certain level in the industry with excellent responses from those read them but, at the time, nobody wanted to do features with female leads unless for Lifetime or Hallmark which she was not interested in. So now she has decided to release the screenplays here on Amazon, feeling there is an audience for them and maybe someday, they still could be produced, if they get a decent following. 


As an artist Alicia specializes in sci-fi, fantasy and pop culture pinup art. She has shown her art at Petra Gallery in Beverly Hills, Meltdown Comics Gallery and Titmouse Studios in Hollywood, and Nucleus Gallery, Pixeldrip Gallery, other shows and Comic Book Sunday events in Los Angeles. She has also sold her work at the International San Diego Comic­-Con in its official Art Show, at Wondercon, and at several California based comic-cons. Her art was also featured in the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con official souvenir book. 


She was the featured artist in issue #266 (December 2013) of Heavy Metal Magazine with a six page spread and interview and also in a book published by Heavy Metal, along with artists Kevin Eastman, Lorenzo Sperlonga and other renowned artists. She has created three comic book covers, magazine and book covers and movie posters..


Alicia_Hollinger Christmas 2024.jpeg
Alicia_Hollinger Halloween at NeuHouse
Alicia_Hollinger on IMDB Boat at Comic-Con
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Alicia_Hollinger The Regime HBO FYC

Metaphysical Influences

Alicia Hollinger is a Los Angeles based artist and writer. Her screenplay QUANTUM DREAMS is now available on Amazon. Alicia has had lucid dreams and what she now believes to be "astral travel" in dream states her entire life. This inspired her to explore everything she could involving consciousness, metaphysics, quantum physics, OBEs (out-of-body experiences), NDEs (near-death experiences), remote viewing, altered states of consciousness and more in her search for the true nature of “reality.” 


The premise of Alicia’s screenplay QUANTUM DREAMS is based on an actual lucid dream. Her pinup art was featured in Heavy Metal magazine and on comic book and magazine covers and once described as “Cheesecake Galactica.” Her art is mostly highly saturated eye candy influenced by the richness of colors that mostly cannot even be reproduced from her dream states. She is also delving into creating book covers and using AI as a tool for her newer commercial art. 

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