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Alicia Hollinger is a Los Angeles based artist and writer. Her screenplay QUANTUM DREAMS is now available on Amazon. Alicia has had lucid dreams and what she now believes to be "astral travel" in dream states her entire life. This inspired her to explore everything she could involving consciousness, metaphysics, quantum physics, OBEs (out-of-body experiences), NDEs (near-death experiences), remote viewing, altered states of consciousness and more in her search for the true nature of “reality.” 


The premise of Alicia’s screenplay QUANTUM DREAMS is based on an actual lucid dream. Her pinup art was featured in Heavy Metal magazine and on comic book and magazine covers and once described as “Cheesecake Galactica.” Her art is mostly highly saturated eye candy influenced by the richness of colors that mostly cannot even be reproduced from her dream states. She is also delving into creating book covers and using AI as a tool for her newer commercial art. 

Quantum Dreams by Alicia_Hollinger
QuantumDreams Cover Kindle Update 03_edi
Alicia_Hollinger PinUp Book Cover.jpg
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